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Eastern Cape Liquor Board


The function of the ECLB is to regulate the registration of retail sales and micro manufacturing of liquor in the province. A further function of the ECLB is to advise the Member of the Executive Council of the Province for Economic Development and Environmental Affairs with regard to liquor industry matters and to exercise certain further powers contemplated in the Eastern Cape Liquor Act 10 of 2003, and the National Liquor Act 53 of 2003.

Our Vision

To be a liquor authority that strives for economic transformation and social cohesion.

Our Mandate

The mandate of the Eastern Cape Liquor Board can be summarized as follows:

• To register the retail sale and micro-manufacturing of liquor in the Eastern Cape Province.
• To encourage and support the liquor industry.
• To manage and reduce the socio-economic effects of excessive alcohol consumption.
• To develop new entrants in the liquor industry.


Our Mission

To become a responsible regulator that promotes compliance and transformation of the liquor industry, while mitigating the adverse effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

Our Values

The Eastern Cape Liquor Board subscribes to the fundamental guidelines of corporate governance and is also guided by the following values which are important to us as an organisation

Behaviour without favourism, bias or
discrimination in all our dealings
Ensuring uncompromised truth demonstrating sound and moral principles. Demonstrate consistency and trustworthiness
Obligated to demonstrate and take
responsibility for our actions, decisions and
policies and accountable to the public at large
The decision and actions taken are open to
public scrutiny and the public has a right to
access information
Customer centricity
Demonstrating that our customers both
internally and externally are at the centre of
our business’s philosophy, operations or

The function of the ECLB is to regulate the registration of retail sales and micro-manufacturing of liquor in the province


Fraud undermines the fight against poverty by putting money that is meant for infrastructure and development into the pockets of corrupt officials. It increases the cost of public services and slows down service delivery to the public.

You do not have to give your name when reporting fraud or corruption using:

National Anti-Corruption Hotline
0800 701 701 (toll free number)

Report anonymously to our internal audit by sending an email to: sam@lunika.co.za


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