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Q. How do I apply for a liquor license?

Obtain application forms from the offices of the EC Liquor Board or download forms from www.eclb.co.za/forms as well as information leaflet to guide you on other requirements.

Q. Can someone rent a liquor license from a liquor trader?

As a business transaction, premises may be leased to another person in instances where the registered person is overwhelmed by the business and needs to hand it over to another person to operate. In such instances the registered person must transfer the liquor license to the person so nominated to operate the business so that such person can be checked for competency against Section 21 of the Act.

Q. Can a liquor license be transferred to another premises if yes, what is the process?

Yes, it can be moved to other premises and the process is termed removal of registration. The application for removal of registration certificate needs to be submitted to the board for consideration and it follows all the processes of a new application as it requires community consultation and premises that are suitable for the business.

Q. Can a foreign national apply for a liquor license?

Yes, a foreign national can apply for registration if his or her immigration is in compliance with the Immigration laws of the Republic.

Q. What is the application process for a special event liquor license and how long does it take to obtain the license?

Submit an application to the board at least more than30 days before the day of the event with the following documents:
  • - Application form
  • - Risk Categorization Certificate issued by the provincial SAPS
  • - Municipal consent for the event to take place
  • - Municipal noise exemption certificate

Q. How many taverns should be in one area?

Currently the law does not stipulate density of outlets per area.

Q. Who determines trading times for a liquor outlet?

In terms of Constitutional competencies [Section 156(1) of the Constitution of the Republic] trading times of liquor outlets are determined by municipalities in whose jurisdiction the outlets are situated.

Q. Can a liquor outlet operate 24hours?

Only the municipality can determine trading times and through application for departure they can approve times beyond those in their schedule of trading times.

Q. Can a liquor outlet trade near a school, a church / a place of worship?

Yes, it can. However, in terms of the law, the school/church/place of worship has to be notified about the application and can submit objection against the application and/or representation in support of the application to the ECLB. In instances where there is an outlet trading near a school/church/place of worship and they are affected by the manner in which business is being conducted at the outlet, then they must report same to the ECLB who will then attend to the complaint and attempt to have it resolved.

If the problem persist the outlet may in the end lose their registration if the board finds that they use their license to negatively impact on any of these institutions.

Q. How long does it take to obtain a liquor license?

It depends on various factors but can take anything from 60 – 90 days and more than that if there are issues that the applicant needs to attend to after the initial consideration of their application by the board.

The function of the ECLB is to regulate the registration of retail sales and micro-manufacturing of liquor in the province


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